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Heart Attack Symptoms: How Anger and Stress Trigger a Heart Attack

Heart attacks occur after the cholesterol-rich plaque has clogged the arteries for years affecting the blood flow to the heart and brain. Anger or stress act as triggers that set off a heart attack, stroke or cardiac arrest. These triggers can cause a sudden surge in the blood pressure, making the heart beat faster and harder, encourage the formation of blood clots, constrict the blood vessels or even cause a burst of inflammation. Any of these changes can lead to the stroke or cardiac arrest or a heart attack. Common risks of the heart attack are high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, and smoking. But recently after various researches done, psychological factors are listed amongst the most common trigger for a heart attack. Heart attack symptoms A heart attack is a serious medical emergency and requires an immediate medical attention. Some people who experience a heart attack have warning signs and some show no sign at all. Some symptoms reported by patients are, 1. Chest pain 2. Nausea 3. Vomiting 4. Difficult respiration 5. Upper body pain 6. Sweating 7. Fatigue If a person is having these symptoms, it could signal a heart attack. Artemis hospital is one of the heart centres in India and is known for the successful management and treatment of various kinds of heart diseases. This hospital is known to offer the best treatment for heart attack in India. How anger and stress trigger a heart attack Anger and stress can lead to abnormal heart rhythms which may lead to sudden death. Different studies done on this suggest a continuous high-level stress can alone provoke dangerous heart rhythms. These irregular heart rhythms also known as arrhythmia pose a major challenge in preventing sudden cardiac arrest. Anger is an emotion which cannot be switched off according to our will. Stress is a very common emotion nowadays in any sphere of life. Both these emotions often lead to self-destructive behavior such as unhealthy food, poor nutritional habits, and alcohol addiction. These further help increase the risk of heart diseases. Stress hormones may lead to higher levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), a substance linked to future heart disease and atherosclerosis. Researchers suggest that men and women, who are prone to anger, stress, and hostility have higher CRP levels, as compared to those who are not prone to these emotions. High CRP levels are associated with inflammation which eventually increases the risk of heart attacks. How to get a control over anger and stress Along with the risk of heart attack, anger and stress can also lead to you compromising of the most intimate relationships. This can further increase the level of anxiety, worry, and an increased stress says the best cardiac surgeon in Gurgaon. It is therefore important to know how to calm down these emotions for a healthy and disease-free life. Various counseling and anger management classes help people on getting a control on them by following these simple steps, 1. Calm yourself down when you feel the heat rising before it raises to the level that you explode. It can be achieved simply by, • Walking away from the situation • Taking time before responding back 2. Always think before stressing yourself out because of a certain situation, whether it is worth all the stress and the health risk it will offer. 3. Exercise regularly as it helps in keeping the mind fresh and also helps fight the factors which increase the heart disease risk. Any kind of physical activity is very helpful in reducing the heart diseases. It also helps in reducing the cholesterol levels, controlling blood pressure, and losing weight. The knowledge imparted about these triggers is not to scare you but to make you aware of the fact of what anger and stress can lead to. Knowing about them can help you set off a heart attack or help you respond faster to control the same. Sooner you click on the cause better you can be.

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