3 Expert Tips on How To Survive a Heart Attack

an old man having chest pain

Every year, a lot of Indians suffer from some sort of heart disease which can either be a heart attack or chest discomfort, indeed the number one killer around the world.

In most of the cases deaths from heart attacks occur in the very first hour even before the victim reaches the hospital. Therefore, when someone suffers from any kind of chest discomfort, it is imperative to take immediate action in order to maximize the chances of survival. If acted quickly, within the first five minutes of the attack with proper medical attention can create a lot of difference between life and death.

Listed below are three tips from experts at a Heart Centre in Gurgaon:

1.    Pay attention to any kind of chest discomfort

Any sort of chest discomfort or mild pain is the most important symptom of a Heart attack rather than sudden, crushing pain listed at a lot of sources.

This pain feels like a heavy weight on the chest with symptoms of tightness, indigestion or heart burn.

This pain occurs on the left side or centre of the chest with pain persisting for several minutes. It may also go away and then come back again to form a similar cycle of pain.

Along with the pain, one might also feel a squeezing sensation or pressure on the chest. The pain might also spread to other parts of the body including shoulders, neck, jaw and abdomen.

2. Accompanied symptoms

Along with the symptoms listed above, there are some additional symptoms accompanied with chest pain and discomfort.

Shortness of breath with difficulty in breathing can occur before or simultaneously with the pain in chest. There might also be symptoms such as panting for breath or the need to take long deep breaths.

Some people might also experience stomach pain, nausea or even vomiting which in a lot of cases is mistaken for flu.

3. Symptoms of heart attack in women

Though chest pain is the most common symptom of heart attack in both men and women, however in 80% of women, they suffer heart attack with mild chest pain or no pain at all.Symptoms of heart attack in women and elderly people suffering from diabetes are almost similar.

Breaking out in cold, unexplained panic attacks and unusual fatigue, weakness and sometimes lack of energy can be common symptoms.

Heart attacks usually strike the victim immediately and most of the people do not realize that they are in a need of major medical emergency for the treatment of Heart attack.

It is very important for everyone to understand the symptoms of heart attack and seek help immediately if someone around them is experiencing similar symptoms.

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