Everything you need to Know before Undergoing Coronary Angiography

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Blocked arteries is a heart disease indicator for which the doctors perform coronary angiography treatment, which is a test conducted to find out how much narrowing is there in your arteries.

Today, in this article, we are going to discuss what to be expected during a coronary angiography.

What happens during this test?

In order to create the X-ray image, doctors inject a liquid dye using a catheter which a thin, flexible tube. The catheter is then inserted into the desired artery from an access point - which is usually in your arm but can also be located in your groin.

The dye then makes the blood flowing the vessel visible on the X-ray and helps the doctor in locating any blocked area in the blood vessel. Later, the dye is eliminated from the body through the kidneys and urine.

Duration of the test

The test usually takes half an hour, but sometimes it can take a bit longer. A heart monitor helps in monitoring the patient’s condition during the procedure that records the heart rhythm and rate. If everything seems okay, the patient is discharged or if the patient agrees on the cost of angioplasty treatment, it will require 2-3 days stay at the hospital.

Are there any risks involved during a Cardiac Angiography?

If you are undergoing a Cardiac Angiography with the best cardiac surgeon Gurgaon offers, there are both risks and benefits associated with having the procedure done. It is advised to talk with your doctor for any concerns that you might have. They are best people who can give you more information on your individual circumstances and level of risk.

You might develop complications based on:  

-    Your age : if you are older, higher you are at risk  

-    Planned vs. Emergency : treatments done in emergency are riskier as they are done in less time

-    If you have kidney disease : Dye can occasionally cause damage to your kidneys

-    If you have history of serious heart disease : According to the condition and reports, your cardiologist is the best person to decide whether an immediate treatment is required or not.

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